Easy tech solutions for efficient water management

Water is one of the planet’s scarce natural resources. In future, this situation will get worse if we are not more productive and responsible with this vital element

WiseConn is aware of the reality of declining resources and we are developing a technology to measure and control water and other fluids in such diverse areas such as agriculture, mining and hydrology. The WiseConn platform consists of a wireless hardware installed on the field and software that is accessible through the internet, allowing users to view their process and make informed decision.

We have a vast experience of more than 10 years, which has led us develop a modern technology, capable of delivering real-time information, production processes and water control.

We have over than 2,500 sensors and actuators online, deployed in 5 countries, allowing us to address different demands and needs.

The several requirements in the industry and opening new markets, has allowed us to constantly innovate, develop new products and services of high quality and durability.