Flores Farms


Bart Flores is a pistachio grower out of Lemoore, CA and currently runs an operation of 850 acres.

He runs a drip system that puts out 0.03 inches of water per hour across each of his six blocks. Tree spacing is split up half and half at 17' x 19' and 17' x 17', with the number of trees ranging from 17,000 to over 21,000 per block.


"In 2018, Bart saw another successful harvest season by saving 15% on water usage, hauling in a whopping 2.5+ million pounds (3,020 lbs/acre), and achieved a 38% increase in yield from the 2016 off-year."

Key Elements

  • Converted to high frequency irrigation.
  • Went from manual soil moisture reading to continuous reading with probes.
  • Infrastructure was retrofitted with automation.
  • Maintaining adequate soil moisture levels with a heavy clay soil type.

Even with Flores Farms being at a lower priority for water allocation from their water district, Bart has proved that with smart management skills and irrigation technology from WiseConn, success is possible.

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