WiseConn's hardware can operate, monitor, and manage multiple agricultural processes in the field. Its main components are the RF-X1, M1 and C1 Nodes. WiseConn's patent-pending hydraulic logic and DropControl protocol make for a reliable on-site distributed control. Every network has one Gateway Node that contains a modem, which uploads data from the field to the WOS and DropControl servers.

WiseConn’s hardware can monitor and control various applications

The RFX1 node has five expansion lots, which support multiple input and output devices such as sensors and actuators installed mainly on widespread areas. Each node connects through a mesh network, coordinated by a gateway, which links to a matching server which enables the user to interact with the operation.


Unique tech

  • Wireless mesh network up to 1.5 miles
  • Low consumption solar power
  • 5 expansion ports
  • Hydraulics intelligence capabilities
  • Free software

Flexible hardware.

  • Analog inputs 0-10VDC
  • Analog inputs 4..20mA
  • SDI12
  • Serial communication RS232/RS485
  • Relay output up to 1A
  • 12VDC Latching output
  • Manual Pump Switch Board


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