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Important Information

What if I already have a controller?
That's okay. We can make a standard controller into a smart controller. We are the only company that has found a way to take over an existing controller and existing irrigation infrastructure, and upgrade it to use our smart irrigation service benefits. This is one of the reasons why we call our service the smartest; our system is able to save you time and money.
Is there any funding I can get for a system?
Of course. Our team works with grant writers who deal with SWEEP grants and can assist you with funding up to $100,000 worth of a project per agricultural operation.
How long can I store my data from your DropControl platform?
With our DropControl premium subscription, we allow growers to track their data for as long as they want. We even have the option to print your graphed soil moisture, temperature and humidity, and ET or rainfall.
Who can install or service the system that I purchase?
WiseConn works with your local irrigation company to fully install and service your system. We also have technical support staff you can call to get help with any issues or questions you may have about DropControl